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United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

Transparency International (TI)


Human Rights

Amnesty International

Human Rights Watch


Arms Trade and Disarmament

Arms Trade Newsgroup Archives

British American Security Information Council (BASIC)

Center for Defense Information

International Action Network on Small Arms, (IANSA)

Center for International Policy

Monterey Institute for International Security, Program on Security and Development

Mother Jones, US Arms Sales Action Atlas

Norwegian Initiative on Small Arms Transfers

Project Ploughshares


Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, (SIPRI)

United Nations Department of Disarmament Affairs, Conventional Arms Branch

World Policy Institute, Arms Trade Resource Center

20/20 Vision

Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade, Canada

Peace Action Education Fund


Conflict Prevention

Carnegie Commission on Preventing Deadly Conflict

The Carter Center

The Fund for Peace


Intelligence and Security

Intelligence Online Global Strategic Information

The Intelligence Zone

Worldwide Utility News


Counterintelligence Home Page

Global Spy Magazine

Jane’s IntelWeb

Lobster Journal of parapolitics, intelligence and State Research

Centre for OSCE Research (CORE)

Institut für Sicherheitspolitik und Friedensforschung an der Universität Hamburg (IFSH)

International Security Information Service - Europe (ISIS Europe)

International Relations and Security Network (ISN)

Trans-European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA)