Bulgaria was the host of a Proliferation Security Initiative Workshop

In the period 02-04.04.2019 Bulgaria hosted a workshop on countering the proliferation of WMD, with a focus on the challenges connected to the illegal trafficking of chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear substances and materials.

The workshop was organized in the frame of the Proliferation Security Initiative and was under the joint lead of the State Agency for National Security and the defense Threat Reduction Agency of the United States and the USEUCOM. Representatives from Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Georgia, Italy, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine took part in it.

Each year, the countries participating in the Initiative organize workshops in different countries focused on specific aspects of countering WMD proliferation. Since 2003 representatives from different Bulgarian authorities, including SANS, have actively participated in the workshops and other events organized under the Initiative.

The Proliferation Security Initiative is a part of the global efforts, adding up to the existing tools in that area, aimed at the timely interception of the WMD proliferation trafficking and of other means for the delivery of such weapons and the materials related to them, to and from countries and non-state actors, raising concerns and is implemented in compliance with the international law and the UN Security Council resolutions.

The Initiative was commenced in 2003 as an activity, not as an organization and so far, more than 100 countries participate in it, among which is Bulgaria. The accession of our country is in accordance with to the ongoing internal and external policies against the proliferation of WMD and the fight against terrorism.