As a result of a joint operation of the State Agency for National Security (SANS), the Ministry of Interior (MoI), and the Prosecutor’s Office, an extended scheme for laundering of money, which have been acquired through criminal activities in Wester

On 02.07.2018 in Sofia, SANS and MoI officials, under the guidance and supervision of Sofia Regional Prosecutor’s Office (SRPO), conducted operations for neutralizing an extended money-laundering scheme on the territories of France and Belgium.

The suspended financial transactions amount to the total value of 1 410 169 euro.

Pre-trial proceedings were initiated on the case.

With an order of a SRPO prosecutor, two individuals have been detained for a 72-hour period – a Bulgarian and an Israeli national.

It has been found out that both persons have registered a number of trade companies in Sofia, in whose accounts money from abroad have been transferred without having real trade deals. Both persons were aware that the transferred money was acquired through fraudulent activities.

The work on this case is currently going on.