A channel for trafficking of migrants through the borders of our country from Turkey towards the territory of Austria has been neutralized in the course joints actions on the part of SANS, the MoI and the Prosecutor’s Office

Officials from the State Agency for National Security (SANS) and from the MoI, under the leadership and the supervision of the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office, conducted on November 15th 2017 a specialized operation, aimed at neutralizing an organized criminal group, which was involved in the illegal transfer of migrants through the territory of Bulgaria from Turkey towards Western Europe, as well as in supporting their stay in our country.

The operation was conducted on the territory of the city of Sofia, the Sofia Region and regions of Vidin and Montana.

A pre-trial proceeding was initiated on the case.

According to the evidence collected so far, the group organized the illegal transfer of migrants from Turkey through the territory of Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary towards the territory of Austria.

The Specialized Prosecutor’s Office indicted eight participants in the criminal group – six Bulgarian citizens and two Pakistani citizens. Six participants in the criminal group – four Bulgarian and two Pakistani citizens, have been imposed Prosecutor’s detention for up to 72 hours, following a Prosecutor’s ruling by a prosecutor from the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office. One of the participants – a Bulgarian citizen, is currently located in a European country and he is to be indicted following his detention. The eighth participant was imposed the measure bail to the amount of 5000 BGN due to his severe health condition.

The work on the case continues.