Operation of SANS, MoI and the Prosecutor’s Office against abuses of duty by the forestry sector officials

On 26.09.2017 a specialized operation took place in the region of Lom and other localities within the municipality of Lom, the cities of Montana, Berkovitza and Cherven briag, jointly realized by the State Agency for National Security (SANS) and the Ministry of Interior (MoI), under the authority of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office.

The operation was aimed at the disclosure and documentation of abuse of duty by officials of the State Forestry Administration of Lom.

A pre-trial proceeding was initiated on the case.

Two officials at managerial positions of the State Forestry Administration of Lom were detained for 72 hours and put into accusation.

In the framework of the procedural and investigative activities, the building of the State Forestry Administration of Lom was subjected to searches, as well as another 12 addresses – companies’ offices and apartments in Lom, Montana, Berkovitza and the village of Slivata, municipality of Lom.

Documents, money, mobile phones and laptops were confiscated.

The investigation of the case continues.