A channel for the trafficking of acetic anhydride – a precursor for the production of heroin, was dismantled as a result of an operation of SANS, the Ministry of Interior and the Prosecutor’s Office in Plovdiv

Officials from the State Agency for National Security (SANS) together with bodies from the Ministry of Interior, under the leadership and the supervision of the Plovdiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office, conducted on August 3rd 2017 a specialized operation, aimed at neutralizing and documenting a crime under art. 354A, par.1, sentence 2 of the Criminal Code.

The operation was carried out based on of information, obtained by officials from SANS.

A pre-trial proceeding was initiated on the case.

7 persons were detained for a period of 24 hours – four Bulgarian citizens, two Turkish citizens and a Turkish citizen, who presented non-genuine French identity documents.

The persons were involved in the trafficking of acetic anhydride (which is a precursor for the production of heroin) from Plovdiv to Turkey.

It has been established that the detained persons used for the purposes of their illegal activity a channel for the transfer of illegal migrants from countries from the Middle East through Bulgaria towards Western Europe.

Charges were pressed against four of the detainees under art. 354A, par.1, sentence 2 of the Criminal Code.

Searches and confiscations were carried out at five sites on the territory of the city of Plovdiv in the course of the procedural-investigatory actions. 660 liters of acetic anhydride (enough for the production of around 200 kg of heroin) were discovered and confiscated, as well as a truck, with which the trafficking of the precursor was done.

An additional quantity of 1320 liters of acetic anhydride, which had been prepared to be transported to Turkey, was discovered and confiscated on 07.07.2017 in the course of ongoing procedural-investigatory actions. One person was detained, while another one was declared to be internationally wanted.

The work on the case shall continue.