A channel for the transfer of migrants through Sofia Airport was neutralized following joint actions by SANS, the Ministry of Interior and the Prosecutor’s Office

Officials of the State Agency for National Security /SANS/ and from the Ministry of Interior /MoI/, under the leadership and the supervision of the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office, conducted on May 25th 2017 a specialized operation, aimed at neutralizing an organized criminal group, which was involved in the illegal transfer of foreigners through Sofia Airport towards Western European countries and in support of their stay in our country.

The operation was carried out on the territory of the city of Sofia.

This was the first case for the illegal transfer of foreigners through Sofia Airport, identified by the law-enforcement bodies.

A pre-trial proceeding was initiated on the case as a result of information, which was received in SANS in April.

Six persons were detained for a period of 24 hours – two officials of the Chief Directorate “Border Police”, working on the premises of Sofia Airport; two citizens of Bangladesh and two migrants, who illegally entered our country. One of the citizens of Bangladesh has a permanent residence status in Bulgaria, while the other one – a humanitarian status.

A large number of genuine and fake foreign identity documents, SIM cards, etc., were discovered and confiscated in the course of the conducted procedural-investigatory actions.

It was established that the illegal activity was supported by border police officers, stationed at Sofia Airport, against payment of sums of money.

The activities for the thorough documenting of the criminal activity and for uncovering the affiliation of also other persons to it continue.