Five German citizens were detained for being affiliated to a terrorist organization. Four of them were expulsed

Officials of the State Agency for National Security /SANS/, with the assistance of the bodies of the Ministry of Interior, detained on 12.04.2017 at Captain Andreevo border checkpoint /BCP/ five German citizens and one of them was a minor. They were traveling by train from Bucharest to Istanbul. There exist grounded suspicions, concerning the affiliation of the persons to a terrorist organization. Signs of radicalization, characteristic of the so called foreign fighters-terrorists, were discovered in their behavior.

According to the data collected, four of the detained persons conducted activities towards supporting a terrorist organization, acting on the territory of Syria and Iraq. The minor aimed to reach the territory of Syria, where he would join the terrorist group. The German authorities had imposed them a ban to leave the territory of Germany for the purposes of preventing them to join the group in Syria and Iraq. One of the detainees used a passport of another German citizen.

Given the grounded suspicion about the involvement of the five German citizens in a terrorist organization, as well as given the data about the activity, performed by them and the purpose of their travel, it has been assessed that their presence on the territory of Bulgaria poses a threat to national security in accordance with Article 4, Paragraph 1, Items 11 and 13 of the State Agency for National Security Act. Thus, we undertook the necessary actions towards detaining the four majors for a period of 24 hours on the grounds of Article 124b, Paragraph 1 of the State Agency for National Security Act in relation with crimes under Article 108a, Paragraph 7 and Article 109 of the Penal Code.

The minor German citizen was turned over to officials of the Social Assistance Directorate until his turning over to members of his family in Germany.

By order of the Chairperson of SANS four of the persons have been imposed the compulsory administrative measures of “expulsion” and “ban for entry in the Republic of Bulgaria”. The measures have been implemented by the competent bodies.