A person, preparing to participate in actual combatant activities on the side of terrorist organizations in the Middle East, was arrested in the course of a joint operation between SANS, the Ministry of Interior and the Specialized Prosecution Office

A specialized operation of officials from the State Agency for National Security (SANS), together with the bodies of the Sofia City Police Directorate and the General Directorate for Combating Organized Crime (GDCOC) and under the leadership and control of the Specialized Prosecution Office, was conducted on 20.09.2016 in Sofia. In its course a person was arrested who had trained to deal with firearms, including submachine gun „Kalashnikov” with the aim to participate in actual military operations on the side of terrorist organizations in the Middle East.

A pre-trial proceedings have been initiated concerning the case.

Documents, literature, technical devices and mobile phones were seized during the procedural-investigatory actions.

A person was arrested and indicted by the Specialized Prosecution Office for crimes foreseen by art. 108a, sec. 4 in connection with sec. 1 by the Bulgarian Penal Code.

The person was brought to justice in his capacity as an accused person and the Specialized Criminal Court imposed on him a measure of detention „arrest”.

The work on this case is in progress.