Internal Check-up in SANS Does Not Confirm the Statements of Former Agency’s Officials Rashko Zaykov and Velin Hadjolov
Saturday, 05 September 2009 14:30

The Chairperson of SANS, Tzvetlin Yovchev, ordered a check-up related to the statements of the former Agency’s officials Rashko Zaykov and Velin Hadjolov. The information they had revealed to the mass media points out that there are senior SANS’s officials who work for foreign special services and are financially dependent.

The check-up was carried out within all central and territorial structures of SANS performing operative-investigative functions, and it was established indisputably that:

1. SANS did not open any operative cases based on information about senior SANS’s officials who reportedly worked for foreign special services and are financially dependent.

2. The Agency did not start any procedure based on such data to deprive any senior officials of access to classified information. 

3. The former officials of SANS did not report, in compliance with the administrative rules, the information they claimed to possess.

SANS’s chairperson ordered an additional check-up aimed at identifying whether the officials in question broke the law by concealing the information they acquired while performing their official duties. Legal measures will be taken depending on the outcome of the undertaken check-up.