The Emblem of SANS

The appearance of the emblem of the State Agency for National Security is defined with an order by the Chairperson of the Agency.

During the design process of the Agency’s emblem, traditional Bulgarian symbols have been used in accordance with the institutional heraldry. There is a special meaning of the symbols:

The Blue Circle – a basic symbol meaning integrity and protection of the acquired space, uniformity and hidden involvement in the progress; a symbol of the Sun and Earth energy and of the vital power;

The Column – a modified version of the Assen’s column meaning statehood, power, knowledge, culture, traditions, inheritance;

The Inscription engraved on the column – a secret message written in Glagolhic alphabet meaning Good People of Our Land Keep the Peace;

The Lion – a traditional symbol of the Bulgarian spirit;

The Shield – a symbol identical in shape and color with the shield of the National Emblem meaning protection of the state;

The Sword pointed at the ground means power in the protection of the law and security.