Functions of SANS

The State Agency for National Security Act delegates the main function of the Agency – protection of national security. The Act assigns the Agency with the protection of national interests, human rights and freedoms, territorial integrity, independence, sovereignty, democracy and constitutional order in the Republic of Bulgaria.

The Agency operates against the classic intelligence and non-traditional threats and risks, provides high government authorities with information needed for the decision making in the national security sphere. The Agency performs tasks of surveillance, detection, counteraction and prevention of:

    - intelligence gathering on behalf of alien forces;

    - endangerment of the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of the State and the unity of the Nation;

    - unconstitutional activities;   

    - use of force, or of items of a generally hazardous nature, to political ends;

    - risks and threats to the economic and financial security of the State;

    - risks and threats to the environmental security of the State;

    - disruption of the proper functioning of the National System for the Protection of Classified Information;

    - endangerment of the security of facilities or activities of a strategic nature;

    - actions having a disruptive effect on communication and information systems;

    - international terrorism and extremism and their financing;

    - international trade in weapons, products and technologies of dual use, manufacture, storage and proliferation of items of a generally hazardous nature;

    - actions of groups or persons if support of alien services, terrorist or extremist organizations;

    - risks and threats related to the migration;

The State Agency for National Security is in charge of the cryptographic security of classified information and monitoring of the radio frequency spectrum.